Limit internet usage: Restrict internet bandwith of users

Today you’ll learn a quick method to limit internet bandwidth partially or entirely to devices connected to your network without accessing your router settings. For that purpose let me just take a moment to explain what we are going to achieve in this post.

Bandwidth, as we all know, is the rate of data transfer available to a device connected to the internet. Which means higher the rate, the faster the internet speed on the device and lower the rate slower the internet speed on the device. So by reducing or eliminating this rate of data transfer (bandwidth) on other devices connected to your network, you on your device can enjoy higher internet speed on your device. And that’s what we are gonna achieve in this post here. 

Although any router should work perfectly fine with our tutorial but we would highly recommend the router AC1750 by NETGEAR which is known to improve not only the range of the WiFi signals but also boosts speed performance for both 2.4 and 5 GHZ devices.



Diagram of internet usage being limited limit internet

Tutorial :

1) Download SelfishNet software

You can download this software here:

dowload button limit internet

2) Extract SelfishNetv0.2.rar file

Right click on the SelfishNetv0.2.rar file and click ‘Extract here’ using WinRaR software. If you don’t have WinRaR, click here to download.

Extract file preview limit internet

3) Open Selfish Net Software

Right click on the SelfishNet icon and click ‘Run as administrator’

Run as administrator, Selfish net limit internet

4) Select network adapter

Select network adapter you are using to access the internet on your device.

Choosing network adapter limit internet

5) Find connected devices

Click on ‘Network Discovery’ icon to discover all devices connected to the network

Network discovery in selfish net limit internet

6) Enable internet limiting mode

Click on ‘Start redirecting-spoofing’ button to enable internet limiting mode

enable internet limiting mode in selfish net limit internet

7) Block/Limit internet usage of connected user(s)

You can either block internet usage completely or limit partially.

i) Block: This will completely block all bandwidth available to desired connected user. However, the desired user will be connected to the network but not able to use the internet at all. [ RECOMMENDED ]

blocking users on the internet from network limit internet

ii) Limit : This will limit download and upload speed of the desired user to the extent desired. Eg: Down-100kbps Upload-50kbps

limiting internet usage of users limit internet

8) Comment below in case of any queries


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